Portfolio review for Q1 2015

Each quarter I review the UKVI Portfolio to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing, or to give an explanation if it isn’t.

But before I get into the gritty details of whether the portfolio is up or down I’d like to draw your attention to some other things that matter just as much as raw performance numbers.

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Investment performance review for 2014

Well, that’s another year in the bag, and not a particularly good one either. The FTSE All-Share produced a total return of about 2.7% while total earnings and dividends from FTSE 100 companies barely changed at all from 2013.

So that’s the context within which my own modest investment efforts have been applied, and as a primarily large-cap investor, you probably won’t be surprised to see that my results, or more specifically those of the UKVI model portfolio, were not much different from either the FTSE 100 or All-Share.

Rather than just trying to wow you right off the bat with some sort of total return chart, I’m going to structure this review around the model portfolio’s three investment goals.

They’re the core around which everything else is built, so for me, it makes more sense to do it that way.

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Defensive Value Model Portfolio: 2014 Q1 Update

The UKVI Defensive Value Model Portfolio celebrated its third birthday at the start of March, so this quarterly update is the first chance I’ve had to review its performance over such a long time frame.  After three years of effort, has it all been worth it?

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Defensive value investing portfolio: 2013 full-year review

The defensive value investing model portfolio and its investment strategy did what they were supposed to do in 2013 by producing a high and growing dividend income with high capital growth and little volatility.

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Defensive value portfolio: 2013 Q3 performance review

Conducting a portfolio performance review on a regular basis is a key step in the investment process.  If you aim at nothing, you’re likely to get it, as the saying goes.  So, self-directed investors need a goal, and they need to review their progress towards it at suitable intervals.

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