Imperial Tobacco shares: Buy, hold or sell?

Imperial Tobacco published its preliminary results on November 5th, with the news that its dividend would go up by 10%. 

That’s a nice increase, and it’s in line with the company’s policy to increase the dividend by 10% each year over the medium term.  With the shares around 2,350p, the dividend yield is close to 5%, so are these shares a buy, a hold or a sell?

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Is SABMiller’s recent poor performance a buying opportunity?

SABMiller is right near the top of my list of companies to buy.  It’s one of the most successful companies in the FTSE 100 and has nearly tripled in value since the financial crisis. 

Earlier this year, the shares peaked at more than 3,600p, although they’ve since dropped by around 15%.  So they’re cheaper than they were, but are they cheap enough?

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Tesco shares: Have they been a good investment since the profit warning of 2012?

In 2012 Tesco PLC announced its first profit warning in 20 years.  Immediately, Tesco’s shares fell off a cliff.  The Sun newspaper said it all: “Tesco profits warning wipes £4.3bn off company”.  The question is, were those investors right to sell?

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Are National Grid shares a buy?

National Grid PLC is the company that owns and operates the electricity and gas transmission networks in England and Wales.  It’s listed on the FTSE 100, has a market cap of around £28 billion and has paid a consistently growing dividend for many years – but does that make it a good buy with today’s share price at 746p?

As well as owning and operating transmission networks, National Grid also owns energy generation facilities in the US, operates (but doesn’t own) the Scottish transmission network, and is involved in various other activities that relate to getting energy to consumers and businesses.

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Domino’s Pizza shares – buy, hold or sell?

Buying Domino’s Pizza shares will give you part ownership of a Master Franchise of the world’s leading pizza delivery company.  Domino’s Pizza shares are listed on the FTSE 250, and the company has a market cap of around £1 billion.

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FTSE 100 Valuation – August 2013

Unfortunately, most of the investment media focus on the daily movements of the FTSE 100.  While this makes a nice soundbite at the end of a news feed, it has about as much use for investors as a chocolate fireguard.  Instead, investors should focus on where we are now in the valuation cycle.  

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