How this site is financed

By John Kingham

Running is a full time job, so somehow it has to pay the bills.

There are three ways in which the site generates the money required to keep it going (since 2011):

(1) Premium membership / subscription

The vast majority of the site’s revenues are generated by its premium membership or subscription services.

Subscription Plans

This provides members with exclusive access to my:

  • Stock screen
  • Defensive value model portfolio
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Latest buy/sell research and decisions

This service does not offer individual financial advice and if you need advice you should seek a regulated financial adviser (which I’m not).


Affiliate links provide a small additional income from the site.

The affiliate links are links to services that I use or like. If you click on or subscribe to a service via an affiliate link on this site then we may receive a small payment as thanks.

There is no cost to you and I don’t write articles just to fill them with affiliate links.

Our blog posts are written purely to inform and educate readers, and if there’s an opportunity to add affiliate links to the finished article then I will.

This does not compromise the site’s independence and if there was a risk that it would then I would stop using affiliate links as the income is tiny anyway.

(3) Adverts

The site may occasionally carry adverts, but this is quite rare and most of the time your visit to will be ad free.

The site will not carry adverts which compromise its independence.