2021 Year-end portfolio review

Another year has whizzed by and so, inevitably, it’s time for investors up and down the land to review their portfolio’s performance over the last 12 months and beyond.

In my case, I’m going to review the UK Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio, which I set up in 2011.

It’s a virtual portfolio that I manage using ShareScope’s portfolio tool and it holds exactly the same stocks as my real-world portfolio, with approximately the same position sizes.

This is, somewhat obviously, a dividend-focused portfolio, so it invests in a diverse basket of 20-30 quality UK dividend stocks that I think are trading at a material discount to fair value.

The portfolio reinvests all dividends and is benchmarked against the Vanguard All-Share Unit Trust (accumulation), which tracks the FTSE All-Share. Both portfolios were launched with 50,000 virtual pounds in March 2011.

You can read the full review on my new website:

UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio: 2021 Full Year Review…

Author: John Kingham

I cover both the theory and practice of investing in high-quality UK dividend stocks for long-term income and growth.

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