Defensive value investing

Defensive value investing combines defensive investing and value investing to build a low risk, high return portfolio.  It consists of buying defensive companies at value-for-money prices, when their PE ratios are low and their dividend yields are high.

Although the specific strategy behind the UKVI Portfolio and stock screen is relatively simple, there are still quite a few ideas and steps to understand.  The articles below cover the complete strategy in detail.  If you have any questions, you’re welcome to get in touch via the details on the contact page.

The basics

What is defensive value investing?

How to be a long-term investor (rather than a short-term speculator)

Quantitative analysis

How to find shares that pay a reliable dividend

How to find reliable, profitable dividend growth

Fast dividend growers – How to find them

Taking account of Return on Capital Employed

Measuring leverage

Defensive shares – An unusual way to value them

Balancing risk vs return, income vs growth and quality vs value

Qualitative analysis

The pros and cons of building an investment story

Value traps – 18 Questions to help you avoid them

10 Questions every stock picker needs to ask

Portfolio construction and maintenance

How do I start building a portfolio of shares? Or, why it’s a good idea to buy and sell on a regular basis

How many different shares should you hold in your portfolio?

Diversifying your shares: Some additional factors

How I’m increasing my focus on defensive sectors

How to get a progressive dividend income from your shares

10 Tools for building a portfolio of high yield shares

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